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PATTI GLENN  - Designer in leather jacket and cool glasses
PATTI GLENN  - Designer in leather jacket and cool glasses

Hi. I'm Patti Glenn.

I’ll be your brand alchemist and guide on your brand transformation journey.

As a brand strategist and designer with 10+ years of experience, I excel in fusing impactful messaging with compelling design to unlock the magic in branding and marketing.

If you are feeling frustrated or unequipped when it comes to marketing or branding, I can help you, your team or your growing company. Let me be your guide in transforming your brand, because it shouldn’t be a struggle for your marketing to look beautiful and get results.

What does it mean to have a better brand? Is it a better looking logo? A reskinned website? Simply making it pretty may miss the mark, wasting time and money. Designing a better brand means delving deep in to your brand story as a foundation for success. If you are looking for an in-depth understanding of your ideal client, leveraging a brand story that speaks to them in every aspect of your messaging (visual and verbal), and deploying a custom marketing strategy so you can grow, then you are in the right place.

3 steps to a better brand.

I'll make sure we're right for each other before I guide you on your brand development journey:

  1. Story & Messagingthis is the heart of the transformation, and you'll be able to show your value in a way that draws the right people to your business.

  2. Website I'll build a website that’s designed to capture and convert audiences and turn them into your loyal customers.

  3. Brand Strategy— you'll get a sales funnel and marketing strategy designed to eliminate guesswork, supported by the right tools that help you consistently get your message out and generating business for you.

redheaded designer careful assembles a brand
redheaded designer careful assembles a brand

I don't know what we did before Patti joined our team. She takes on complex tasks with ease and makes our digital marketing shine.

Laura Peterson
Freelance Editor, Communications Director

My brand was transformed and customer trust really increased. I feel so confident in my company now. ”

Mike Parker
CBO, Silverwood Construction

Happy clients say nice things:


It's not magic, it's a method.

I'll be your guide through the entire transformation process. I'll examine your brand inside and out to unlock the key messages that will charm your audiences and attract new customers; your brand will be the foundational alchemy for your success.

solutions that work - redhead fits keys and shapes in to just the right spots
solutions that work - redhead fits keys and shapes in to just the right spots